For the sixth year running The 2017 Colpatria Tower Race has been included in the World Circuit Racing Vertical Ascent "Towerrunning 2017", is one of the best races in the world Vertical Up next big races such as the Empire State NY, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101 tower in China, the Sky Run in Berlin among others.
For some it’s pure horror, for others a special challenge: Tower Running - the vertical trend sport, where towers, skyscrapers and outdoor stairs are to be climbed. Worldwide, about 200 stair climbing events are held regularly with more than 100,000 participants in its spell. While most of the participants are amateur runners, who climb for the fitness reason - very often combined with a charity aspect, there is a growing group of elite runners. For them the race itself is becoming increasingly important - the idea of championships and titles lies in the very nature of sport. Until 2008 no official ranking for comparing the elite stairs runners existed. This circumstance has substantially changed by the 2009 inaugural Tower Running World Cup.

The Towerrunning World Cup is an international ranking system for the stair climbing sport, organized by Tower Running Office Vienna – the governing World Association for the stair climbing sport – under the leadership of President Michael Reichetzeder (AUT) and Sports Director Sebastian Wurster (GER). The main goal of the ranking is the objective determination of the best athletes throughout the entire season. A mathematically balanced scoring system, the consideration of many different distances from sprint races over the classics in the international skyscrapers to the Stairs Marathons, and the differentiated evaluation of all event modes (individual time trial, mass start, tournament systems, multi climbs, etc.) provide a fair and reasonable recognition of many facets of the Towerrunning sport. The World Cup ranking is currently the only scoring system for stair climbers, which evaluates almost all Towerrunning events worldwide and especially also considers smaller events with local participants. On the other hand a central pillar of the ranking is a selection consisting of the 18 most spectacular events – such as the prestigious Empire State Building Run Up or the races in the metropolises of the Far East in Taipei and Singapore – chosen because of world class participants fields and the internationality of the runners. These so-called “Masters Races” get a higher weight for the ranking.

The Towerrunning World Cup was won three times in a row by Thomas Dold (GER) since its introduction in 2009. As the defending champion in the women's ranking Cristina Bonacina (ITA) started into the 2012 season. The system also includes a World Cup Nations ranking, which was won by the German team last year. All three decisions in 2011 were tight and have fallen in the last week of the season or at the traditional final race “Carrera Ascenso” in Bogota (COL). Also in 2012 a thrilling and spectacular season is guaranteed, when the battle for the coveted World Cup trophy will be opened again and tens of thousands of runners around the world will again accept the unique challenge "Towerrunning".

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